It is More Blessed to Give than to Receive...

All gifts given to Christ Church are used to operate the church and to facilitate ministries in the congregation, in the community, and around the world.  Faithful stewardship is a way of life that requires giving back the time, talent, and treasure that God has given us.


Father Ken discusses reasons for pledging and the impact of doing so.


You may always fill out a paper Pledge Card which can be mailed to you, or found in the church office. A pledge card can also be mailed to you.



Scan the QR Code (smartphone only) found in the bulletin inserts or click this link to fill out a Pledge Card Online.




You may always leave cash in a numbered pledge envelope or a check in the collection plate  during the Sunday services.



Text the dollar amount you would like to give ($x.xx) to 1 (417) 815-5833 to make a one-time donation (smartphone only).


Download the “EasyTithe Giving” App from the Google Play or Apple Store. With this app, you can make a one-time donation or a recurring donation. Our church is Christ Episcopal Church, and the zip code is 65806-2419 (must be exact).



Donating online is both simple and secure using our easyTithe portal. From this portal, you can make a one-time donation, or create an account to set up a recurring donation. For questions on how you can give, please contact our Parish Administrator, Sheila McGinn, at 866-5133 or



Let's start by talking about what pledging is not. Pledging is not a commitment that must be followed or we will report you to a collection agency. It is an estimate to the best of your ability of the amount of money that you think you can give to the church. We want people to give from their hearts to Christ Church.

We cannot do our work within the community and the world without the financial support needed to operate the church. We need your generous contributions to reach out with our many ministries to meet the needs of our congregation and the community around us. No pledge is too small.



Christ Church is engaged in over 40 programs designed to make a difference in the lives of so many in the community. All of this requires financial support. The “routine” expenses of maintaining the physical church are always present. We provide the dedicated staff with fair compensation and benefits packages. Our budget supports the excellent music and worship programs and Christian education for all—especially children and youth. We also support critical outreach programs, both locally and internationally.

Each year, the vestry of Christ Episcopal Church plans the budget and evaluates each expense in light of the Church's vision to "grow as a thriving community in the heart of Springfield, recognized for ministry to our congregation, community, and world."


Thank you to everyone who attended A Brighter Haiti - Missouri and donated to Light from Light! Thanks to your radical generosity before, during and even after the event, we met and then exceeded our fundraising goals and in total raised over $86,000 for Light from Light! God is good! That money will go a long way to help our Haitian partners at the Lespwa Timoun Clinic create sustainable, positive change in their community through their Nutrition, Child Sponsorship, and Midwife Programs, and much more.

I wanted to give a special thank you to those that attended the event for giving the warm welcome that you gave the Valdema's. Carmel was overwhelmed by the love she felt as many came up and spoke to her and Pere Val. If you missed getting to meet Carmel at the event, you can learn more about her vision for the children of Haiti and the incredible work she is doing at the Lespwa Timoun clinic by watching this video. Thank you also to everyone who helped plan A Brighter Haiti - Missouri, and to all our sponsors who made the event possible. We look forward to seeing you all at next year's event!  Dr. Charles Dunn, Board President at Light from Light


If you are 70-and-a-half or older, you can make a contribution to Christ Episcopal Church directly from your Traditional IRA simply by instructing the plan administrator to make the transfer directly to the church as a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD). You are allowed to transfer up to $100,000 a year to the charities of your choice. Your contribution can be made any time during 2019 to apply against the RMD. Your gift will be transferred directly to the church, will not be reported as taxable income and will count toward your minimum distribution requirements for 2019. And, most important, your generous support will help further Christ Episcopal Church’s mission, “To know Christ and to make Christ known.” For further information, please contact Sheila McGinn, Parish Administrator at 866-5133, or, or Tom Mangan, Church Treasurer, at 209-1543 or


Birthday Club is a fun way for all members of the congregation to be part of the Christ Episcopal Church Foundation. Our Foundation is a long-term resource to help the church serve its multiple missions, both in the present, and in the future. The idea is simple: for each year you've aged, make a $1.00 contribution to the foundation. Ten percent of all Birthday Club Funds go directly to our Haiti mission, so our youngest members can take pride in their participation and learn about making an impact on the world. Please make checks payable to Christ Episcopal Church Foundation and add "Birthday Club" to the memo line.